Hey Pool Owners, Welcome

I've owned a pool in Dallas Texas for more than 12 years and have hired/fired various pool services companies during this time. After much frustration and expense, I learned how to care for my own pool and you can also.

Current Topic Ideas

Winter Pool Heating: Winter is a time to say goodbye to the swimsuits and warm weather, and buckle down to the cold, maybe enjoying an indoor public pool if you are lucky. There’s always the hot tub, but that is nowhere near the fun of a full sized swimming pool. This year instead of hanging up the swimming suits, and heading indoors for the season, consider opening your pool year-round. With just a few extra steps, you will be enjoying this investment no matter how cold it gets.

Securing Your Pool: Having a pool in the backyard is not only very enjoyable, it also adds a completely new dimension to your home while helping you to stay healthy and relaxed. Who doesn’t want to have a pool in their backyard? Aside from raising the price of your property, it will be an endless source of great fun for the kids and a central part of every gathering in your home in late spring, during the whole summer and in the beginning of autumn.

Poolside Safety: Summer is the most fun time of year, but that doesn’t mean that summer activities should be approached with a carefree attitude. Poolside safety is a serious matter that needs to be enforced in order to make sure everyone stays safe, making for the safest and most fun environment during the summertime. Although it may be common to think that children are the ones truly at risk of drowning, adults are under that same risk as well. There are simple guidelines we can all follow and help our children to abide by in order to provide a responsible atmosphere in which everyone can have a good time.