Sunblock Fails

Most people think they can get away with spending some QT at the beach without lathering on that good ole SPF. And most people usually end up the shade of a lobster in doing so. I’m sure you’ve experienced the proverbial sunburn at some point in your life, but like most cases, it presumably turned to a golden tan, peeled off to reveal your pasty epidermis yet again or just plain disappeared without any discomfort. There are those, however, who have such an aversion to sun block that their skin is the color of the setting sun that once burned them. They don perma-wife beaters or beautiful melanin tattoos. And if the habit has existed for years, they walk around looking like John Wayne’s weathered chaps. These are the elite people of the sun block fail club.

Check. Them. Out.

1.       Oven roasted

This beach-goer has probably never even seen a tube of sun block. And if she has, we can either assume she’s illiterate or finds something charming about deep-set wrinkles and the complexion of a rotisserie chicken. Look, even her grandson is disgusted.

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2.       Speedon’t

Judging by the pasty outline of his biking shorts, we can assume this man is a fan of the great outdoors. We can also assume that tomorrow, the area of leg where his shorts once were will be a vibrant cherry red. What’s beyond the stretch of any imagination, however, is the motivation for this man to wear a Speedo.

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3.       Epidermal art

Abstract sunburn gazing is the new cloud watching. “Hey, that kinda looks like a honeybadger.” Hey, that kinda looks like a hot mess.

illegal use of sunblock

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4.       High five

What’s even better than this burn victim’s rosy hue is the fact that someone slapped him. He seems deserving for not applying sunscreen.

hand print sunblock

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5.       Backwards and burned

It’s hard telling what’s worse—this man’s inability to use SPF or the fact that he was actually wearing his hat backwards. Judging by the mug shot, we can only hope someone called the fashion police.

head burn

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